Fat Burning Pills – The Top 3 For Fat Loss and Great Health

Fat Burning Pills Make Millions

I’m not a big proponent of fat burning pills on the market today. There are thousands of false advertisements and deceptive marketing tactics being used all over the internet to try to take your hard earned money away.

Most fat burning pills are loaded with caffeine and diuretic herbs. Sometimes they may even contain small amounts of supplements that could actually assist in helping you burn fat but to keep costs low and margins high it won’t have an effective dose and you are better off not spending your money on them.

There are three fat burning pills that I do recommend to all of my friends and clients because they do actually assist in having a healthy fat burning metabolism. I use all of these myself because they also promote good health, can fight heart disease, and can assist in destroying free radicals that promote cancer. Let’s take a look at my top three.

Fish Oil

These aren’t typically marketed as fat burning bills but they are far more effective at long term fat loss than 99% of the bunk products on the market. Fish oil has the ability to turn on your metabolism and assist your cells in converting stored fats into energy. It’s the high level of omega 3’s that can do wonders for your heart as well as your waistline. Adding a few fish oil caps a day can have a positive impact on your fat loss around the midsection.

Green Tea

This is a phenomenal antioxidant that can be drank as a tea or taken in capsule form. I’m not a big fan of the taste of green tea so I start off each day with a couple high potency green tea capsules. Some of them contain caffeine but you can also get a caffeine free version.

Green tea is usually marketed in the fat burning pills section but it is also one of the best antioxidants your money can buy. This is a very cost effective choice and effective as it can actually increase your metabolism. Stay away from the online advertisements that promise rapid fat loss as these typically cost more money and many of the manufacturers use a low quality ingredient to cut costs. Purchase your green tea from an online nutrition retailer or even your local drug store.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Here is another supplement that isn’t really marketed as fat burning pills but it has such a positive effect on maintaining healthy blood sugar levels that it helps keep you in the fat burning zone. When your blood sugar levels are constantly elevated it is nearly impossible to lose body fat. Alpha Lipoic Acid has a positive influence on this and is also another powerful antioxidant. Once again this is a supplement I recommend to everyone because its cost is low and its effectiveness is high.

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